The rural landscape of Vicenza’s Central Padan Plain keeps unchanged its production’s authentic quality. The substantial presence of permanent meadows and springs has created favorable conditions for the production of excellent fodders, both for cattle breeding (including the niche Rendena race) and for the dairy industry.

Among the typical taste treasures of this land we can include the Grana Padano Dop cheese, produced in some dairy factories with centuries of history. It is a sublime cooked cheese, whose base is milk – from cows milked twice daily – partially skimmed by allowing the cream to rise. It is then matured from 8 to 24 months in cylindrical shape forms. Its main characteristic is its yellow pasta grainy structure: here’s where the name comes from.

Another traditional product is the Rice of Grumolo delle Abbadesse, cultivated since the sixteenth century by the nuns of San Pietro Benedictine abbey located in Vicenza.

The most select varieties, recognized as territory’s specific production by the De.Co. mark, are the Carnaroli and the Vialone Nano rice. This latter, presided over by Slowfood, is a small to medium grain rice of excellent quality.